Display workflow instances by 3 status

In order to create a Clear and organized view that highlighting the life cycle of a workflow, we categorize our instances by 3 status : in progress,completed,Overdue. So, you can notice obviously the different courses that a workflow can have in defined date range and deduct global status view about our business advancement.


Generate 2 reports

We are conscious about the importance of reporting and facilitating access to information in the business decisions. So, Our dashlet gives to you the ability to generate two reports with different layouts for more visibility and easy information retrieval.

Pop up all instances by selected date in graphics

Besides the graphic side and to improve the accuracy of information in real time, Our model gives the ability of displaying all instances status information in a selected date. This functionality is carried by a pop up that unroll the three workflow status. From each unrolled instance we can reveal, in an external page,its advanced details.

Export reports in png format

Workflow reporting gives the ability to export generated report in png format. This ability is easy to use by clicking export button in the top right of our graphic.